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Introducing Breathtaking Russia

Russia, the largest country in the world, offers a lot to its visitors. From idyllic countryside and historic cities to epic train rides, artistic riches, and vodka-fuelled nightlife, the place has earned a reputation of being a fantastic vacation spot. The splendor of the Czars, the onion-shaped domes of cathedrals, and the masterpieces unveiling the Russian soul, all have captured the imagination of travelers. The city of Moscow is home to more billionaires than anywhere else, where shops, restaurants, and nightclubs take luxury to a whole new level. If you are in Russia for a long holiday then trip to the Golden Ring route is must which can be easily explored by a rental car. Also, you can not miss the caviar and a glass of Russian Vodka.


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Russia – Top Tourist Attractions


Mount Elbrus

With 5,642 meters in height, this is one of the highest summits in the world that attracts both novice and experienced mountain climbers.


Kizhi Island

Located in Karelia, the island is famous for its impressive open-air museum, windmills, wooden houses, barns and chapels.


Lake Baikal

Surrounded by mountain ranges in Siberia, this is the world’s oldest, deepest, and clearest lake, and is home to many wonderful resorts.


Moscow Kremlin

A must-visit attraction in Moscow, the walled enclosure houses four cathedrals, top government offices, and several remarkable museums.

Getting Around in Russia


St Petersburg and Moscow have an excellent metro system, while Kazan and Samara have an average one.


Water excursions with public ferries in cities situated on lakes, rivers, and coats offer a unique alternative.


City centers have frequent bus services, but continue to get more erratic while moving towards the outer regions.

Car Rental

Hiring a car is an affordable and convenient mode of transport to move around the big Russian cities.

Food & Drinks in Russia

The Russian cuisine is much influenced by the cold climatic conditions. Soups are popular among the locals, especially the traditional and famous borscht. Chicken is consumed a lot, with potatoes and meat stews being the side dishes. The food is generally very nutritional and heavy, and is often accompanied by a lot of alcohol. Vodka, undoubtedly the most favored of all the alcoholic drinks, is served with the meals. Kvas, mors, beer, and tea are some other delectable drinks to try out in the country.

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