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If you wish to explore Iceland at your own terms and as per your own schedule, then public transportation or a taxi service is just not your cup of tea. Hire a car in Iceland and explore the country on your own and as you want to. It’s obvious that when you’re on your own you wish to travel each and every place, so what’s stopping you? Our unlimited mileage policy ensures that you can go wherever you want to. Book at all inclusive car rental prices from top suppliers. A well maintained and extensive fleet or rental cars await you.

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Iceland – The Land of Fire & Ice

Iceland is a country of extremes, a country of dreams and myths, science and technology, art and creation, a country where the archaic and the modern merge together. It's a place where nothing but nature rules, witness majestic glaciers, hot water springs and much more along with the most pleasant weather. It is also known by the name of the land of ice and fire, simply because of its active volcanoes and frozen glaciers. Iceland is ideal for both, long and short vacations. Due to its extreme weather, Iceland attracts more tourist in summer than winter. But, it has a lot for those who do not fear from the cold weather. Also, you can not witness the northern lights in summer. Hire a car in Iceland and witness the stunning beauty of mother nature.

Reykjavik Airportreykjavik-airport

Reykjavíkurflugvöllur, Reykjavik, Capital Region, Iceland

Keflavik Airportkeflavik-airport

Keflavík International Airport, Southern Peninsula, Iceland

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Natural Wonders of Iceland


Blue Lagoon

This place is the highlight of Iceland, a geothermal spa which is visited by hordes of tourists. The water here possesses healing powers which is known for curing certain skin disorders.


Great Geyser

Situated in Iceland’s south-western region this is a natural spot that has been lively for nearly 10000 years. Witness it spurt out hot boiling water, which reaches up to a height of 70 meters.


Lake Myvatn

Among the best attractions in Iceland there’s a lot to discover here. The famous Godafoss waterfall is also present here along with volcanic craters and beautiful lakes. Also enjoy bird watching.



This is the country’s most picturesque waterfall, where tourists can reach behind the 60m high waterfall. Its lush green environment and mystical environment transforms it into the perfect countryside attraction.

Driving in Iceland

  • Drive on your right side and if you wish to overtake then do so from the left side.
  • All passengers traveling with you in the rental car are required to wear seatbelts.
  • Car headlights must be turned on at all points of time, irrespective of day or night.
  • It is advisable to select a 4×4 car, so that you can access any place.
  • Fill your tank whenever you find a fuel station. Also, you must have a prepaid card as many of the gas stations are self-service.

Adventures in Iceland

With a lot of natural landscapes to admire, there is a lot in store for those who love adventure sports. It is here in Iceland that you can try your hand at some of the most extreme and unusual adventure sports. Where else in the world would you get the opportunity to explore the interior of a volcano. If that's too hot for you, then might as well try your hand at scuba diving in Silfra, a world famous dive site. Other options include skiing, kayaking, ice climbing, quad biking and the list just goes on.

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