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Czech Republic – New yet Amazing

The Czech Republic is a country that came into existence in 1993, still is a lot to see and do here. The nation is a combination of two ancient places, Bohemia and Moravia. The Czech Republic is a destination made for history lovers and fan of art and literature. The most prominent and striking feature of this country is the magnificent châteaux and castles, which are an evidence and reminder of the powerful families who resided in the area. After you've had your dose of history, start your rental car and head over to Prague. Not only is it the countries capital but also a city which fuses culture, art and music in the most beautified way possible. A car rental in Czech Republic is an ideal mode of transportation to complete your journey comfortably.

Prague Airportprague-airport

Václav Havel Airport Prague, 161 08 Prague 6, Czech Republic

Copenhagen Airportcopenhagen-airport

Copenhagen Airport (CPH), Mærskvej 11, 2791 Dragør, Denmark

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Travel the Many Attraction of Czech Republic


Prague Castle, Prague

The residence of office of the President, it is a 19th century monument and among the countries most treasured attractions. All this kept aside, it is amazingly huge, so much that it can accommodate up to 7 full-sized football stadiums.


Sedlec Ossuary, Kutná Hora

Located in Central Bohemia this is quite an unconventional attraction. It is a chapel made from bones of approximately 70,000 humans and is also a world heritage site.


Dancing House, Prague

The idea behind architectural marvel was that it should look like a man and a woman are dancing together. Head over to Fred & Ginger cafe at the top and enjoy the view.


Bohemian Paradise, Turnov

A natural preserve which has been protected since 1955, it covers an area of 181 sq. km. There are a lot of picture perfect views and ancient castles present here.

Driving Tips for Rental Car Users

  • Minimum driving age is 18 years along with a valid photographic license.
  • Horns are to be used only while overtaking or to warn a person in front.
  • Driving is on the right side. The same rule applies for parking vehicles but this rule does not apply on one way roads.
  • Drunk driving is a punishable offense; no amount of alcohol is tolerated.
  • It is illegal to make a call from mobile phone without hands-free.

Flavorful Czech Cuisine

The world of Czech cuisine is very diverse; this cuisine is enriched by the contributions of German and Austrian cooking styles, and inherits many meat dishes. The influence of Central European is also felt, which brings the aromatic flavors and spices together. The main ingredients of Czech cuisine are meats, vegetables, mushrooms and berries. Roast pork served with cabbage and dumplings is the most Czech dish to taste. Must try Makovec, a sponge cake made from ground poppy-seeds.

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