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Costa Rica: Discover Nature

Costa Rica is a small country in Central America, bordered by Panama and Nicaragua. The coastline of Costa Rica is bathed by two oceans: east by the Caribbean Ocean and west by the Pacific Ocean. Costa Rica is full of nature and a symbol of ecotourism. It offers infinite natural attractions such as parks, mountains, beaches, lakes, wildlife and volcanoes. The inhabitants of Costa Rica are very friendly and helpful. The climate in the country is moderate and pleasant all year round. Whether you are single, couple, with family or in a group with friends, you will find a suitable activity on your vacation to Costa Rica. It is advised to rent a car to explore this ecologically diverse country, with an ease.

San Jose AirportSan Jose Airport

Juan Santamaria International Airport, Alajuela, Costa Rica

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Most Visited Tourist Destinations in Costa Rica


Manuel Antonio Park

This is the most beautiful national park in Costa Rica. It contains amazing flora and fauna, diverse wildlife and beautiful beaches. As a result it attracts ecotourists, swimmers, surfers and birdwatchers.


Drake Bay

Located in the most remote part of Costa Rica, it is one of the most popular tourist attraction in the country with a long coastline, sandy coves and rocky cliffs.


Cocos Island

It is the largest uninhabited island on the earth. Cocos Island has an abundance of rivers, valleys, ferns, cliffs and landscapes. It also has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.


Playa Herradura

Known as the fishing village of Costa Rica, Playa Herradura is a small coastal town with beautiful beaches and surrounded by lush green forest. Numerous low-cost hotels are available here.

Tips for Driving in Costa Rica

  • All passengers must wear seat belts including passengers in rear seats.
  • Driving on the beach is strictly prohibited.
  • It is advised to use GPS and avoid driving at night.
  • Overtaking is not allowed in areas with double yellow line.
  • Never park your car on streets, always choose a safe place or a parking lot.

Typical Foods of Costa Rica

Costa Rica offers tasty and varied cuisine made with fresh ingredients from the local produce. The main ingredients used in cooking are: rice, beans, meat including chicken, beef, beef, pork and fish, vegetables and tropical fruits. It is usually served with corn tortillas. Drinks include rich coffee, high quality rum and fruit juices. Try gallo pinto, ceviche, casado, and potato hash.

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