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Traveling was never this easy before, with the help of a rental car in Finland you no longer have to wait for a bus or hire a taxi and pay huge fares. Get yourself a rental car and you will feel like you’re at home. This is all because with a rental car you have the freedom to go wherever you want and whenever you want. The best part about hiring a car with us is that you can compare prices offered by top suppliers and also save your time by just booking in three steps.

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Finland – Peaceful and Quaint

If your idea of the ideal vacation spot is of a place with fine architecture, friendly locals and open spaces then, Finland is the best place. Finland is an enigmatic Nordic country which has been elegantly graced by Mother Nature in abundance. With all this said, don't get the idea that it's a country just for the nature lover and those who seek solaces. Head towards the southern parts in your rental car and you'll witness an entirely different face of the country. Helsinki, the capital is an uber city with amazing architecture, cultured people and extravagant events taking place. The land of Finland is ideal for various outdoor activities such as walking, biking, skiing, sledding. On your trip, you will also find forests, snow, sea, lakes and midnight sun.

Rovaniemi Train Stationrovaniemi-train-station

Rovaniemi, Finland

Tampere Airporttampere-airport-terminal

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The Best of Finland


Esplanade Park, Helsinki

Esplanade Park is the main meeting point in Helsinki, which registers nearly thousands of residents and tourists, who come here to spend a day relaxing in the countryside.


Suomenlinna, Helsinki

A fortress that is inhabited by the locals and also a part of the town of Helsinki. The fortress is built on 6 islands and is also a UNESCO world heritage site.


Santa Claus Village

Santa Claus Village is a theme park in Rovaniemi where it is believed that Santa was born. On the premises is located Santa’s office where it is believed that he receives letters from children.


Olavinlinna, Savonlinna

A fifteenth century castle with three towers it is probably the oldest castle in the northern most part of the country. Still standing in tact this medieval castle hosts many exhibitions and cultural events.

Drive Cautiously in Finland

  • Always carry a valid driving license, proof of insurance and passport.
  • Seat belts are mandatory for front as well as rear passengers.
  • Mobile phone usage is prohibited while driving, with exception of hands-free.
  • Alcohol is only tolerated to 0.5g/l and a higher amount can lead to an immediate arrest.
  • Parking is strict and areas for parking are clearly indicated. Park your rental car in the traffics direction and 5m from an intersection or pedestrian crossing.

Adventure Sports in Finland

With its marvelous natural beauty, Finland is an country for the thrill seekers also. There are a lot of adventure sports that can be undertaken by tourists. At Flowpark you can enjoy an adventure trip, hiking and jungle exploring. Those seeking to ski or snowboard can do it whenever they want, at Yllas in Halli. If you seek a bit more thrill and have a greater passion for adventure sports, then Kemi Skydiving Club is just for you. Skydive and set the adrenaline racing.

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