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Ireland – A Piece of Heaven

Ireland is a small paradise of meadows and pastures that, offering landscapes to make you spellbound. On having discovered the imposing and diverse landscapes of this relatively small country placed in the most western end of Europe, an adventure of a lifetime begins. You can choose to dive in the bustle of the modern cities of Ireland, or lose yourself in the countryside, away from the madding crowd, trust your instinct and discover a land of unique beauty. The east coast boasts of sandy beaches while the west coast stands tall with dazzling cliffs. The Irish pubs are the best place to drink and sing. Hire a car and visit cities such as Dublin, Belfast, Cork and Galway and beautiful villages that offer charming hospitality.

Belfast Airportbelfast-airport

Airport Road, Belfast BT29 4AB, United Kingdom

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Tour Ireland's Finest Attractions


The Cliffs of Moher

Visit these extraordinary sea cliffs which rise above the ground at a height of 700 feet and cover a 5 miles long area. Witness the beauty of nature and be captivated.


Dingle Peninsula

Often termed as Ireland’s best postcard image it is a 10 miles wide spread peninsula which has been much visited by tourists. You can find high rising cliffs, sandy beaches and a lush green landscape here altogether.


Giant’s Causeway

A scenic route which stretches from Ballycastle to Portstewart via the Causeway coastal area of amazing natural graces, a world heritage site. Capture stunning views of sandy beaches, wide bays, off-shore rocks and dramatic cliffs.



Apart from being the nation’s capital, Dublin is a fantastic destination in its own context. Unlike other capitals it’s not famous for its architecture, but for its vibrant nightlife and the warm and welcoming nature of local folk.

Drive Safe in Ireland

  • Traveler from outside the Europe must possess an international driving license.
  • Legal alcohol tolerance limit in Ireland is 0.08%
  • Your rental car must be equipped with an electronic eToll tag.
  • Signage in Ireland is poor so it is advisable that you buy a map.
  • Remember to drive you rental car towards the left side and traffic coming from the right has the first right to cross a round-about.

Taste the Flavors of Ireland

You don't have to go very far in country's interior to find excellent gastronomic products. From the best beef produced from cattle grazing in the lush green meadows to the blackberries and garlic that grow spontaneously in the slopes, the temperate climate of Ireland and the great plains offer great food products. Village pubs are the best places to eat fish and chips. In large cities international gastronomy thrives and new Irish chefs combine traditional products with flavors of other countries.

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