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A Romantic Getaway: Belgium

Belgium is small country located in northwestern Europe. It is well known worldwide for its chocolate, beer and comics. Besides these three specialties, it also has lot to offer as a tourist destination. Although Belgium is small in size but it has more than 300 art nouveau buildings, over 200 museums and 35 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and hundreds of beautiful parks. The major cities are located very close to each other, and Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent and Bruges are the most visited in the country. There are three official languages in the country: Flemish, German and French. Travelers who are interested in the history of Europe must visit Belgiium. To see most of the attractions and to enjoy all of Belgium's charm with comfort, it is advised to rent a car.

Charleroi Airportcharleroi-airport

Charleroi Brussels, Rue des Frères Wright, Charleroi, Belgium

Brussels Airportbrussels-airport

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Things Must Do in Belgium


La Grand-Place

Admire the beauty of Grand Place, a World Heritage Site declared by UNESCO and the busiest spot in Brussels.


Caves of Han

Visit Caves of Han-sur-Lesse, a 250-hectare park, to see the fauna and flora of Ardennes in this wildlife reserve.


The Chocolate Trail

Taste the famous Belgian Chocolate. With more than 2000 shops, Belgium produces over 170,000 tons of chocolate every year.


Château de Modave

Visit the magnificent Château de Modave, a historical castle. Here, you can see 20 beautifully decorated rooms, paintings and sculptures.

Tips for Driving in Belgium

  • The traffic in Belgium moves on the right side of the road and left side is used for overtaking.
  • Mobiles phones can be used only with hands free devices.
  • Minimum age to rent a car in Belgium is 19 and a minimum of one year old driving license is required.
  • It is compulsory to carry a reflective jacket and triangles.
  • Speed limit: in urban areas : 50 km/h, near school, hospital, churches etc : 30km/h, on highways : 70-90 km/h and on motorways : 120 km/h.

Food Culture in Belgium

Belgium is well known for its exquisite and multiple varieties of beer and chocolate. But in its cuisine, there is a great influence of German and French cuisine. Fish, seafood and chips are the most typical food that can be enjoyed with variety of sauces. For a quick meal, you will find many stalls offering, herring, ham, sausage and cheese. A good meal usually consists of soup, seafood, meat, potatoes, vegetable and dessert.

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