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Bulgaria at a Glance

Bulgaria is relatively a small country located in Southeastern Europe in the black Sea and it borders with Romania, Serbia, Greece, Turkey and Macedonia. It has a very rich cultural and history and full of nature; almost one-third of its surface is covered by forests. With breathtaking mountain ranges, superb beaches, numerous churches and remote villages, Bulgaria offers endless options to tourists. Its capital, Sofia is one of the oldest cities in Europe and the most visited in Bulgaria. Other popular cities are Burgas and Varna. Bulgaria is a country which is suitable for all types of travelers and all budgets. It has a continental climate and amazing atmosphere where east meets west. Book a rental car in Bulgaria to make your journey comfortable and easier.

Plovdiv Airportplovdiv-airport

Plovdiv Airport, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Varna Airportvarna-airport

Varna Airport, Varna, Bulgaria

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Top Reasons to Visit Bulgaria


Food and Accommodation

Bulgaria is an excellent country to visit and offer a great value, even if you have a tight budget. Food and accommodation is very cheap here.


Nature Park

Bulgaria is one of the top destinations in Europe for ecotourism with 54 nature reserves, 11 nature parks and 3 national parks. Strandja Nature Park is the largest in Europe.


Famous Beaches

The coast along the Black Sea offers many picturesque villages, towns and beaches, which makes it a great destination for summer vacation.


Historical Heritage

Another reason to visit Bulgaria is its rich cultural and historical heritage. There are nine sites in the country declared as World Heritage by UNESCO such as Nesebar and Rila Monastery.

Fun Facts about Bulgaria

  • In Bulgaria Yes means No and No means Yes. Here nodding means Yes and shaking your head means No. Otherwise, say “da” for yes and “ne” to say No.
  • The First digital watch in the world was invented in Bulgaria by the Peter Petroff.
  • Lactobacillus bulgaricus, a species of bacteria, is the secret behind the famous Bulgarian yogurt and it can only develop in Bulgaria.
  • Bulgarian army has taken part in every war after the 19th-century but never has lost any military flag.

Eating in Bulgaria

The Bulgarian cuisine is a blend of different cuisines from different parts of the world. It has a great influence of Turkish, Greek and Arabian cuisines, and a pinch of Chinese, Hungarian and Italian. The most famous products from Bulgaria, known worldwide, are yogurt and white cheese available in different varieties. Tarator, Shopska salad, Lukanka and Moussaka are some popular dishes to eat in Bulgaria. The fast food stalls are the best option to fill your stomach with little money.

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